The consciousness of a master

Devotee: Guruji, do you have the same consciousness that you had in your last life?

Guru: No. A completely different version, a model has arrived. Totally devoid of involvement in I and mine. Totally. I can tell you that was the most difficult part of my life. In the time when I was young. Because my father was also a doctor, head of medicine, and he wanted all of us to be doctors. He wanted all of us to be professional people. I did not want to sit down even once and do any studies, because I thought, “What a waste of time, I am not going to do it.” It was the most difficult time for me if I hadn’t had my mother with me.

With that knowledge and consciousness, I think it was the most aggressive period of my life because I had to fight my father in this battle of trying to turn me into a professional person, bearing in mind the knowledge and consciousness I have.

I thank God and thank my mother for the immense wisdom she had. She used to constantly tell my father, “Leave him alone, he has more power than you can understand, leave him alone.” I can understand how difficult it must be for people to visualize the extent of wisdom and knowledge you bear with you when you come to this life, it’s a big battle. 

Devotee: When you look back to your first incarnations, do you have ‘memories’ or do you just plug into the universal consciousness?

Guru: Plug into the universal consciousness. When you start questioning me, I immediately plug into that consciousness, it is in the ether.

Devotee: This is also the same for the last incarnations.

Guru: Yes.

Devotee: So when we die and come back, it’s not a memory we take with us, it’s the memory conserved in the universal ether.

Guru: When you use the word memory, it is not a memory, it’s the Karmic Akashic record. Karmic Akashic record. Karma, which is the whole totality of your path of evolution in the vibrations that you set in motion, cause and effect, which is registered in the ether and they play a part in the structuring of your life as you go along.

Recently, I was meditating and playing around in my meditation, and then Mother appeared and said, “Come, I want to show you your family.”

At a stroke she showed me (a vision) – I thought I was on a motorway, but the motorway was my many, many, many, many, life cycles and families I have had. It was amazing. I recognised my grandmother and grandfather. Beyond that were so many peculiar people I couldn’t even believe they were my family. But they were a part of the family that structured me to be what I am today. This is compassion and understanding.

Devotee: So is it right that we can play on different levels at the same time, past, present and future, if we plug into this consciousness?

Guru: Yes. Once you plug into that consciousness you have got an amazing view, an amazing vista. Now, you know, you are structured in a particular way. You have an ancestry of that structured physical manner throughout many cycles of births and deaths. You can bring various ailments, diseases and problems from generations as you look back and they are all covering the pattern of karma. 

Devotee: Does it also mean that you are outside the law of patterns?

Guru: Who? Me? I don’t know. I am going to die like anybody else. If you pinch me I will shout. If you throw anything in my direction I might try to catch it, if not it will bump me on my head. No different. But there is a slight difference and the slight difference is heightened mindfulness.

You don’t see God, I can see God. There is the big difference. When I was a young boy, I assumed that everybody could see God, and talk to God. It was an amazing thing and I couldn’t understand it. Nobody was talking about God, my friends were not talking about God, nobody was doing that. So one day I asked my friends, “Why don’t you talk about God?” They said, “Who is God?” Then the penny dropped in my mind.

My little friends used to come regularly to see me and play with me. They were all poor people’s children coming to see me. They used to come very early in the morning. I couldn’t understand why the children were coming early to see me. My nanny used to tell me, “Look, you mustn’t entertain all these children to play with you so early in the morning.” I said, “I didn’t ask them, they are just coming to see me.” I asked one of the children, “Why are you coming so early to see me?” He said, “Oh we like to come and sit and play with you because every time we touch you we get a shock.” That was the extent of the consciousness of those little children. [They realised] that there was something unusual about this human being and that when you touched this little boy you got a shock. So they were sitting on my playmat and playing a game of touching me and getting a shock.

You know, this is the point of innocence that people are living in, that even when you are so sophisticated spiritually you don’t realise other people have no jurisdiction to the same level of consciousness.

So you ask me a question of whether I have a special relationship with the universe. Yes, I have. I would be telling you an untruth [if I say I haven’t got it]. Of course, I have the power to deal with a lot of things but I am very shy about those things. Purely and simply I know God but I wouldn’t like to play God.

I am not God. We already have many people who call themselves God, and they have been demoted. I have already demoted myself. I am not God. It’s good enough.

Devotee: How did you feel when you discovered that you weren’t like the other children?

Guru: To discover that was a disappointment for me. I’ll tell you what the disappointment was – that the children did not know God. Even today sometimes when I talk with people about God consciousness and the power and human relationship with God I can see it goes well over the heads of people and they are unable to understand what I am saying. So I try as much as I can to bring it down to the level that people can relate to and understand. It’s not difficult, it’s easy. But you have to transform the minds of people to understand what I am talking about. But you see for generations I’ll tell you something. There is a terminology we call ‘culachara’. ‘Culachara’ means exactly what Franz said, that traditions come from generations. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that that soul came from those generations of people, it could be from somebody else, some other country, coming into that new generation. That is why it can change all the time.

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