How different vibrations affect us

Guru: From one cycle of births to another we are purifying ourselves. We are like a lump of gold found in the river bed, beaten and washed, beaten and washed till we become pure gold.

Nobody just arrives on the path of evolution as a perfect being. Even Christ, even the great masters, rishis, and yogis have gone through many cycles of births and deaths to be ready to be a part of that divine consciousness. Hence every one of you, and there are thousands and millions of people in the outside world, are going through many cycles of births and deaths to discover their divinity. 

So the task is an enormous one that you have undertaken in this birth, to begin to change your lower nature, master yourself and prepare yourself to identify yourself with the totality of God-consciousness. It is a daunting thought. So daunting. It is not easy for human beings to master themselves. When a person says to me they want to meditate I ask myself, “What do they want ultimately through their meditation? To integrate with God, to discover their divinity.” 

So, all of you who want to meditate must prepare the ground for a good meditation to interact with the Divine. That is why I emphasise again and again for you to contemplate, to purify yourselves before you begin your meditation.

Everything around us emanates different vibrations

We pick up a lot of impulses in our lives without our consent. You listen to the radio, watch the television, and watch what is happening in the outside world. All of these vibrations enter our being.

When you sit next to each other you begin to share your karma. Your aura overlaps with that other person’s aura and these impulses are shared between you. If you come close to each other and have a physical interaction then you are willing to share karma. These two people are sharing karma.

When you are in the outside world you don’t realise that you come into contact with a lot of people and all of these people feed you. That is why sometimes you feel depleted and drained when you come home after an expedition into the city. You say to yourself, “My gosh, I feel really awful. I want to shake this off.” How can you shake this off? The best way is for you to bathe. Water changes the aura because there is an impulse that is generated both within and without which can be neutralised by water as it is a good conductor.

Hence we say to people, if you feel under the weather and you want to meditate, go and stand under the shower and bathe consciously. There is a mantra we chant before doing the mahabhishekam to the Divine Mother,

oṃ amṛto pastaraṇam asi svā̱hā ॥

oṃ amṛtā pidhānam asi svā̱hā ॥

oṃ satyam yaśaś-śrīr-mayi śrīś-śrayatām svā̱hā ॥

We take the water and we purify our eyes. The same with our pranam, the voice and then we drink it. Then we use the water. It is a very superficial way of doing it but if a person wants to neutralise any of those vibrations they must bathe.

Your clothes also pick up vibrations. You wear a garment and this garment is carrying all the vibrations from the outside world because it registers everything. The body is a very powerful instrument. It generates such power. Can you imagine what happens when you get angry? Just visualise in your mind for a moment when you get angry the energy that is generated in the whole body, and the brain.

The impulses that are generated in the brain all form colours around you. That is what we see as your credentials. When I look at you I see the different colours and shades [in your aura] – your anger, your love, your compassion.

When you purify yourself, your aura becomes very powerful

The more you purify yourself, the more powerful your aura is. The more powerful your aura is the more the Divine wants to interact with you. This is what a person has to master. 

You have to prepare the groundwork before you meditate, please consider that. Don’t sit to meditate before you have prepared yourself. Wear loose clothing when you meditate. Use it solely for that purpose and don’t wear it for any other reason.

You must have your own place where you meditate. Nobody else should sit there and leave their vibration because it will disturb you when you start meditating.

What happens is, without you knowing it the person may be emotionally disturbed, or the person may have lost his temper or her temper. [That vibration will stay there] if they come and sit in your place of meditation. This place is exclusively for you to contemplate and meditate where you know the vibrations you have set in motion.

Devotee: If I invite a good friend of mine to meditate with me in front of my shrine and they are angry or whatever is that a bad idea?

Guru: Well, you must know your good friend. When you say ‘good friend’ it means you know the person well. Are you willing to share karma with that person? That person will come and bring a vibration with them. You have to take a lot of precautions.

You might be ready to have a good interaction with that person but then you might suddenly pick up their vibration. Then the whole meditation will have an element of distraction. This should not happen. You must protect yourself all the time. No one should come and disturb your meditation. It is important that you maintain that standard for yourself all the time.

Once you have done that you must chant. It can be any chant that you like and that makes you feel good. It will protect you when you are leaving your physical body and suspending it. This is very important for you. Without that, I would not advise anybody to start meditating because the person is vulnerable when they start meditating.

You are opening all the chakras. If there is a mischievous spirit like me hanging around they can cause a lot of problems for you. My advice to you is to keep away from people like me! That is why you chant and as we proceed on these few days of contemplation and meditation I will teach you many chants. Every night at 9 o’clock we will do a little puja here and some prayers. The ‘gayatris’ are for the various aspects of the Divine and if you learn them then you can chant them.

God’s manifestations are many and you can choose whichever one you want for yourself. You have an affinity. From one cycle of birth to another you have a feeling for an aspect of the Divine. Don’t let anybody impose an idea on you.

You choose. You have every right to choose but there is a feeling that gurus can give you a mantra. This guru doesn’t like it. He’s very shy about giving mantras purely and simply because people change their minds and then it becomes an obsession in their mind.

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