Love and positivity

If you see something wrong with a person, if you don’t like the mannerisms of the people, if you don’t like the way they talk or the behaviour pattern, just ask yourself one simple question, “Was I ever like that? Did I ever behave like that?” The answer will come to you, “Yes, you were like that.” The only thing is that you may have advanced a little bit in a different direction.

Give everybody a helping hand. Look at people and say to yourself, “Gosh, I understand how difficult a life it is for your path of evolution, not just amongst human beings, but life as a whole.” When I see the birds I say to them, “My friends, you do not know how difficult a life it is and I appreciate this. Let me just help you by feeding you a little bit and helping you on this journey, [and by giving you] some water when the atmosphere is frozen.”

When I first took over Skanda Vale the [previous owners] had shot every single living thing, and it was dead silent, you did not hear anything. I stood with my hands in my head like this and said, “My God, what have they done here?” I vowed then that this will be a sanctuary for life, and I will return all that these people have destroyed.

Today, if you are there in spring, there is the most amazing chorus of thousands of birds and all the animals that are in the wild. They come and participate and have rather a cocky attitude toward us because they seem to think, “We’ve got you all sussed, you have to feed us, that’s your duty!”, and they wait for it. What a joy that they have this relationship with you and life.  

Be friends with all of life

I want you to think the same way as people are waiting to destroy, I want you to be positive in your manner and say I want to join you to help you to live well. My friends – the trees, my friends – the birds, my friends – all of life. I want you to see divinity not only in yourself. This is a big mistake man makes. Just because you can coordinate your mind and the vibration of sound, present it, and scream when you want something you believe you are more special than life outside. This is not true, all life is sacred. Every life is sacred. 

Then the next question you will ask me is, “How are we to live – on air?” No, you are graduating, like every life that came to earth, from the lowest level of consciousness to the highest embodiment of consciousness and divinity that you are going to discover within yourself.

From being a carnivore to slowly becoming a human being. You will enjoy the simple things of life and they will give you great joy and satisfaction in your life.  I am not going to tell any single one of you to become vegetarian. I am not going to tell anyone of you, you must do this and not do this.

But what I am going to tell you is, to be aware of the causes and effects that are set in motion. I want you to be mindful that there are very many things we take internally into our system that are poisonous for us. That is the consciousness I want to develop in you. I will never tell you, don’t do this, that, or the other, because that is a violation in itself for me to imprison your mind. I am not here to imprison your mind, I am here to liberate your mind, to free your mind. Imprisonment means, Guru had a nice time for many life cycles, he has drunk and had a good time, now he comes into this life and makes my life miserable, and says don’t, don’t, don’t.

I am not going to do that to you, you will anyway do what I tell you not to do so it is better that I tell you to do it your way. Say to yourself, “I am going to be mindful when I am going to do it my way. I am going to be mindful of the causes and effects I’m setting in motion. I am going to be mindful of what I do and how I am doing it and the way I’m doing it.”

If you can qualify all your actions with one simple thought – I want to do it with a lot of love – then you will never hurt or injure another human being. Do everything you want to do with love. Say it with love. Start the day with love, fill the day with love, and end the day with love. When you get an angry look at my picture and throw all the negative vibrations at me and I will bounce it back to you with love.

Because that is the way to God, God is love, love is God. We are the architects of both pain and pleasure. We are the people who are causing injury to ourselves. Don’t accuse anybody else. You are the person who is going to do damage to yourself, or not so.

God is the silent witness, that is what karma is. I started with that thought of karma and soon I will stop and ask you questions, what do you want to ask me?  Karma is about the cause and effects you set in motion. I see and teach this to all my members of the community including the monks and nuns.  Start your day with love, fill your day with love, and end the day with love.

Love means caring, love means compassion, love means understanding, and love means giving of yourself selflessly without conditions. Not putting conditions in front of people and saying you observe this, these are the conditions of love. But then there are disciplines attached to that love. Because you want a sense of orderliness and conduct in your life that bears the fruits of love. That bears some resemblance to the divine love, the divine love which is pulsating inside you.

You are divine, you are born divine, and you will continue to discover your divinity through your experience of interaction with each other with love. You will then transcend that desire of attachment through your physical body to be selfless love.

This selfless love is what will be required of you as you proceed on your journey, spiritually. Giving of yourself, working towards that goal to make other people happy. 

Make that your goal, and your job of excitement in life – to make other people happy. To be mindful of their desires and aspirations in life. Say to yourself, what can I do for you, how can I do it? Never mind what you do for me. If you want to do anything for me that’s your business but I’m not expecting anything in return. That is the theme of our work in our community.

We are here to serve you, and with love, we are here to give you all we can.

I am not here to pick your pockets but I am here to pick your mind, and for that, I am here. I want to take the lack of direction from your mind and replace it with an air of direction. I want to take the sense of a lack of purpose and dedication in your life from your mind and implant in it a sense of dedication, purpose, and direction.  

I want to give you in your mind a sense of well-being and [the ability to say] to yourself everything is impermanent. Sadness is followed by a sense of happiness; happiness is followed by a sense of frustration, unhappiness and sadness. This impermanence is the drama of our life.

This excitement when you say, “Oh, I am very happy!” When somebody says they are very happy I say, “When are you going to be unhappy?”

Find that level, that level that gives you a nice feeling of not going like a yo-yo, up and down. One minute high, next minute down, next minute high and down so you are going [out of] balance all the time and then you say, “I wish I could find a point when I am nice and fine.” That means that you are not affected by opposites.

The opposites of joy and sadness. I see this joy and sadness when people come to me and say, “Oh Guru, somebody’s dead.” I say, “Really? You mean you don’t see the person.”  They say, “No, they died”.  I say, “Oh, you can’t see but I can. There’s a difference, they’re not dead. That’s a term used for the termination of life, but life is never terminated; there’s a continuation of life from one cycle of birth to another.”

If your body is not functioning well, if your mind is not functioning well if you are suffering from disease and inner problems, and old age has set in. Your teeth have fallen out, your nose is just about to fall off, and your ears are about to fall off.

Do you want to live forever like that? Do you want to say, “Go on, change this model to a new model, possibly a Rolls Royce, but change it?” That’s the excitement that you must have in your life. There comes a time when you want to say to yourself, I want to change this model. It’s time I went and when I have to go, I have to go. No feeling of sadness and attachment to the world of illusion, for all is impermanent.

That is my advice to you, be ready to go at any time. I have been ready for a long time but the Divine Mother says, “No way are you getting up there. You are creating mischief down there and all the angels will be in trouble if you get up there.” So She is going to keep me down there as long as She can because I am looking forward to seeing all those lovely pretty angels up there but there’s no chance.

But the fact of the matter is, be joyful, that is the environment I want you to create for yourself, not a serious life, for spirituality – a joyful one.

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