Guru’s relationship with the Divine Mother 

Guru tells a story about how he fell ill

Guru: [Recently] I had the most amazing pain in my back which came to the front. Then it went up to my heart and I told Swami about it. I said, “Something’s gone wrong. You’d better inform the hospital.” When I got there [the doctor said] I’d had a most serious heart attack. What was amusing was that when the doctor came in to take my blood, he looked at me and said, “You’ve got more cream in there than blood!”

It was terribly amusing because of course, the poor man was trying to tell me, “It’s no use! I’d better come later and take your blood because at the moment it is full of cream!” (Guru had high cholesterol from devotees offering him rich foods)

I was taken into the intensive care unit. For five days Swami was getting ready to bury me. Absolutely true. I was laughing and joking with everybody (in the hospital). All the doctors came and looked at me and said, “Why are you laughing? Other people who have heart attacks just curl up and are very sick.” I was put in the general ward after five days. This story that I am telling you is absolutely true!

Guru chants to Mother in the hospital

This was the first opportunity I got to do ‘japa’ and chant the name of the Divine Mother. It was about six or seven o’clock in the evening. Nobody was in the area where I was; everybody was watching television. I went and sat in a side chair by my bed and started chanting; the room was completely dark.

Mother visit Guru

Suddenly, while I was chanting, I felt my whole face light up. I thought a sister from the ward had come to see how I was, so I opened my eyes to say, “I’m okay.” But instead of that, I saw the biggest bumblebee coming through the window – straight at me! Only then I realised that it was the Divine Mother because you couldn’t have a bumblebee that big!

Immediately I felt better. Everything changed. And that was the first holiday I’ve had for nine years. After that, I went home. That same night we had a special Mahabhishekam to the Divine Mother for full moon. Swami said to me, “You shouldn’t do the Mahabhishekam. I’ll put your picture by the chair and I’ll do the puja.” I said, “No, I will do the puja.”

If you have ever been there and seen the puja [you will know] it is a most strenuous puja that lasts about two and a half hours.

Guru Purnima

The next day was Guru Purnima. Swami said to me, “You did last night’s puja. Why don’t you rest?” I said, “No. My devotees have come to see me for this Guru Purnima celebration. I must be there.” I can tell you there must have been about one hundred and fifty people waiting to do special puja to me. I had garlands all over me.

All the ceremonies went on for five hours. Swami was like Mother standing over me. He was terribly worried in case I fell down dead. After that, I looked at him and said, “Now I will go and rest.” I had such a shakti and power from the Divine Mother that I was able to carry on as if nothing had happened. I promise you, my programs over the last four years are three times as much since then. 

Mother plays with Guru!

Let me tell you something about my life. The Divine Mother thinks I am the biggest toy She has discovered. She comes to play with me, with Her child. Her play, if you have any concept or idea, is like putting your finger in a high voltage plug!

She thinks it’s funny. She comes into my room, and Swami will tell you, I’m up in the air more than I’m down on the bed. She disintegrates my body and holds my consciousness in Her hands. She reassembles the body and does what She wants. I can tell you that every day is a new experience for me with Her.

I was telling Lillian and the others about five days ago. I had done so much work and I put my feet up. She arrived and took me away from everything and showed me what evolution was.

I saw miles and miles and miles of my mothers and fathers [from previous incarnations] out there going into the distance. She held my hand and with the most lovely smile on Her face she said, “But I am your Mother.”

Mother expands Guru’s consciousness

In this way, She educates the human being to realise who God is; what our life’s journey is about, and to see for ourselves what is expected of us. This is not exclusive to me. What was amazing was that having gone through the universe with Her, seeing the creation of every single thing, I returned back to my body.

As soon as I came to my body I jumped out of bed because I thought, ‘This is the end. I am dead.’ Swami was sitting on the chair because he had been relaxing on the chair and had fallen asleep. When I jumped up he looked at me and he said, “Are you alright?” I said, “Am I? I feel quite strange now.” He said, “You look it!”

I had an amazing feeling that I was free of involvement. Totally free. She must have picked up the anguish and concern inside me for the Gulf [war] and she looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got the Gulf well under my eye.”

One of the most amazing things for me was to suddenly return back from Her and discover I was still alive. The first thing I thought to myself was, ‘Oh, I haven’t taken my vitamins!’

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